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For the Attention of:

(1) Race Track Promoters &

(2) Late Model Drivers

My name is Donald Watson, owner of Baton Rouge Raceway for the last 30 years and founder of SUPR in 1990.

At that particular time, tracks couldnít afford to run Late Models on a weekly basis. It was a time when bought cars and motors came into play. The racing car count dwindled in numbers to approximately twenty in our state.

Being a track owner and late model driver, I became aware of what was needed for both parties involved. As a track owner, one needs enough cars with a reasonable purse structured to put on a special event that the spectator didnít see on a weekly basis.

Through the 90ís till 2010, tracks and late model racing flourished with motor rules SUPR offered.

Unfortunately, Iíve seen many tracks come and go. Itís a very hard business.

From a racerís standpoint, we have had an accelerated rate of technology from 2008 to present day that has raised the expenses from the top to the bottom classes at your racetracks. This in turn, has caused a drop in car count in all classes.

New technology has made every class faster; however, that same technology wasnít given to the racetrack promoter to increase his bottom line.

Today, we are faced with a similar situation. Tracks need a reasonable purse structured based on todayís market. With this being said, SUPR is going to be restructured to where you as a Track Promoter can afford a special event and give the local Late Modelís a place to race. For the love of the sport, maybe we can build a new fan base and keep racing alive.

As a Track Promoter or Racer, if you have any questions regarding this, you may contact me.

Donald Watson

SUPR at Baton Rouge Raceway has been POSTPONED due to predicted weather forecast for rain and has been RE-SCHEDULED for SATURDAY, JUNE 17TH.




The Road Ahead:

May 20th


Baton Rouge Raceway
Baker, Louisiana

(Race has been re-scheduled
for Saturday, June 17th)

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