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Introduction of Additional Spec Engine Option


Baton Rouge, Louisiana (January 3, 2008) If youíre reading this letter the question has probably crossed your mind why are they creating another spec engine? Whatís wrong with the engine we have already? In the following pages I hope to explain why.

The original spec engine was created in 1993 for one reason, to try and keep people in late model racing and provide an engine that could be competitive on the race track with the open competition engine that the well sponsored teams had. Since the inception of the spec engine we changed the outlook of late model racing in our area as well as in other parts of the country.

The spec engine became the engine of choice in our area because of its competitiveness and cost. In the fifteen years since its inception car count and late model racing in our area exceeded my expectations. During this period I was asked by sanction groups and race tracks about adopting the spec engine package. If you raced in Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Texas and Alabama the SUPR spec engine was honored and given the weight break and spoiler. From the time the engine was developed until today I donít know of any engine being checked and disqualified other than with SUPR. Over the last five years the SUPR spec motor has won major events against some of the best known drivers in late model racing and the engine wasnít checked properly or not checked at all to let others know that the integrity of the engine was as it should be. On one occasion I was asked by a engine builder to come and check his engine as it was being assembled for legality under SUPR rules, I accepted the invitation and the engine was by the book, and competed that weekend and won a major event. This creates a problem with the upper echelon of racers, in their minds a spec engine that has less horse power and less cubic inches shouldnít be able to compete with what they have, which is unlimited horse power and cubic inches, itís just unconceivable. My goal was to create a equal playing field to where your resources wasnít the major factor, thus keeping more people in racing, so a promoter could have more people in the stands and pits. After inspecting numerous engines and finding out what racers are paying for SUPR engines today, I know the racer is not getting dollar value in the product he is purchasing. SUPR is coming out with a new engine where the racer will get dollar value for what he is purchasing and is almost tech free. This will make it to where sanction groups and race tracks can check the engine for legality at any time without a lot of engine knowledge. The new SUPR engine will not make what you already have not competitive. There will be rules that make both equal. Then when you need a new engine you will probably want to swap to this because of the cost factor.

The engine builders will be working with SUPR to keep the integrity of this engine as it should be. The engine builder will purchase all the parts from one source. If you the racer wants a new spec engine, you need your engine builder to call me to be certified to purchase the specified parts for the new engine. The engine builder will agree to build the engine as specified with no alterations, at a specified price. If the engine builder alters the engine from the specified parts he will loose his ability to purchase these parts and will no longer be able to build SUPR engines.

If a racer is caught with an illegal engine in a SUPR event he will forfeit all monies and points for that event and be accessed an additional 200 point penalty.

The new SUPR spec engine will consist of a SUPR Brodix Aluminum block, with Brodix SUPR Heads-C&C ported fully assembled with specified parts (same head that we have already, itís fully C&Cíd with specific parts), Brodix HV1 intake C&C port matched, spec rotating assembly, with dampener, oil pan, lifters, & water pump. The cam shaft and push rods will be up to the engine builder. Each engine will have a serial number registered to engine builder and owner. When the engine is checked after a race in 2008 it will be cataloged on the SUPR website with serial numbers and whether it passed or failed, so that another sanction group or race track can look to verify inspection. By doing this the integrity of the engine builder and racer will show everyone you can compete and win races with less if preparation and the drivers ability come together.

It has never been said you had to run a SUPR engine or an open competition engine; it has always been the racerís choice. I just want both engines to be competitive with each other and let you the racer spend less to where you can keep racing.

If you would like to call and ask questions about the above engine, please donít hesitate to call me @ 225-275-9683.


Donald Watson

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