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Official Results: 

P&W Sales SUPR Series' feature results
Boothill Speedway
Greenwood, Louisiana

Saturday, March 26, 2016

(1) 1 - B. J. Robinson (Bossier City, La) *by six lengths*,
(2) 93 - Ray Moore (Haughton, La),
(3) 5 - Jon Mitchell (Texarkana, Tex),
(4) 14M - Morgan Bagley (Liberty City, Tex),
(5) 15 - Dennie Gieber (Frankston, Tex),
(6) 47 - Chandler Petty (Cabot, Ark),
(7) 91 - Tyler Erb (New Waverly, Tex),
(8) 6R - Robbie Stuart (DeRidder, La),
(9) 6x - Rob Litton (Alexandria, La),
(10) 75 - Patrik Daniel (Wills Point, Tex),
(11) 71a - Allen Tippen (Minden, La),
(12) 6D - Rick Duke (Ball, La),
(13) 11A - Ronny Adams (Diana, Tex),
(14) 101 - David LaFleur (Eunice, La),
(15) 29 - Rusty Harris (Shreveport, La),
(16) 955 - Robert Metz Jr (Lumberton, Tex),
(17) ZZ - Larry White (Arlington, Tex),
(18) F1 - Brett Frazier (Haughton, La),
(19) 85 - Curt Lipsey (Albany, La),
(SCR) 4 - Jim Bryant (Natchitoches, La).

Provisional Starter: Curt Lipsey

Jac's Plaques Feature Hard Charger: Patrik Daniel (13th-starting position to finish 10th)

Drivers not making the feature: Troy Berdan, Joey Couvillion, Mike Harris.

HEAT RESULTS (among 23 cars):

Heat 1:
 Ray Moore, Chandler Petty, Ronny Adams, Robbie Stuart, Jim Bryant, Rusty Harris, David LaFleur, Troy Berdan (DNF).

Heat 2: Morgan Bagley, Tyler Erb, Rob Litton, Robert Metz Jr, Curt Lipsey, Allen Tippen, Rick Duke, Joey Couvillion.

Heat 3: B. J. Robinson, Jon Mitchell, Dennie Gieber, Brett Frazier, Patrik Daniel, Mike Harris, Larry White.


B-Main 1:
Patrik Daniel, Allen Tippen, Rick Duke, David LaFleur, Jim Bryant, Rusty Harris, Larry White, Joey Couvillion, Mike Harris (DNF), Curt Lipsey (DNF), Troy Berdan (DNS).



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